Empiresfall is a German metal band.
Founded in late 2008 in a suburb of Hamburg, Germany.
The Band is known for a rough, raw and pure sound.
The band self-released the 4 Track EP “Place Of Pain“ in 2009 which was sold out in very short time.
The debut album “Riot“ was self-recorded and self released by the Band in late 2014.

While the guys from Empiresfall received good critics by press and a constant growing fanbase,
they prepared their next Metal Attack.
The special combination of Heavy- and Thrash Metal is the reason why Empiresfall shared stages with Bands like Sinister, Equilibrium, Iron Angel, Metal Witch, Protector, Virus or even Tad Morose.
In fall 2017 the Band entered the Soundlodge Studio.
Jörg Uken (producer of Suicidal Angels, Anvil, Sinister, God Dethroned etc.) was chosen to bring
the second Album of Empiresfall to life. The second strike “A Piece To The Blind“ was released
in March 2018. Now it’s time for the Band to prove the intensity of the new record live on stage.


So Beware and Prepare!
Thrash or be thrashed!

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